Over the top!  Get that in-your-face modern EDM sound, and in ways no one else is doing.



OTT+ is an expanded collection of the famous Ableton Live preset known as "OTT." Ever wanted to use OTT in Mid/Side? Well now you can! Use OTT in combination with another famous preset of the Saturator effect called "A Bit Warmer." Also included is a version of OTT tweaked specifically for use on vocals. These racks are designed to make your life easier whenever you are working in Ableton Live.

Pay what you want

OTT+ is released as a Pay-What-You-Want set of racks. This means that you can download it completely for free, but if you'd like to pay a bit for the audio effect racks its always appreciated! 🙏🏻 I can't live without my OTT+ effect racks myself and I wanted to make sure anyone could use them, no matter your budget. Still, a lot of time and resources have gone into making OTT+ so if you can afford to drop a little in with your download I'd really appreciate it! I'd recommend $5 as a fair amount 🤘🏻

Minimum Requirements

  • The latest version of Ableton Live 10
  • Some presets require Ableton Live Standard or Suite
  • OTT+ will not work with older versions of Live - you will get an error

What's in the download

  • 3 OTT+ Racks
  • Installation instructions are included with the download to help you get setup quickly.
  • 76.7kb Download Size


  • OTT+ is 100% royalty-free.
  • Read more about the licensing of OTT+ here.